RWTH Aachen University lecture series

In RWTH Aachen University in Germany, I organize and give a weekly Space Medicine Lecture Series. The program consists of 10 lectures, including an introduction to the field, its history, an overview of space medicine, and continuing with more specialized lectures on key topics such as the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, pressure/atmosphere and radiation. Guest lecturers explain how to fly a spacecraft, what space radiation is and where it comes from. A highlight is the visit of an astronaut. The lecture series gives students a thorough understanding of what space medicine is about and which challenges we are facing on the way to Mars. I enjoy using innovative teaching methods including digital lectures and online resources.

Please contact me for access to the digital online-version of my lectures. Find older videos of the lectures from 2015 HERE.

Book presentations and lectures for the public

I frequently give book presentations and public lectures on space medicine. In Addition, I have been involved in a number of TV- and radio shows.

At a book presentation in Bochum