“The Spacefarer’s Handbook” was published by Springer in August 2020.

Find details on the Springer website.

The “Manual for Aspiring Astronauts” was published in November 2017. The book is in German!

Download a test chapter HERE and see the index HERE. Order the ebook and soft cover version for example HERE.

Biology of the Sauropod Dinosaurs. Understanding the Life of Giants (Life of the Past).” was published by Indiana University Press in 2011. Together with several colleagues, I wrote the chapter: Body Mass Estimation, Thermoregulation and Cardiovascular Physiology of Large Sauropods.

The medical dictionary “Pschyrembel – Klinisches W├Ârterbuch” is published by De Gruyter publishing. This German book’s history goes back to 1894. I have been involved with the physiology entries since 2009. The 268th edition was published in 2020.