• We will publish a new English book on spaceflight with Springer in 2020, called “The Spacefarer’s Handbook”!

  • The “Manual for Aspiring Astronauts” by Bergita and Urs Ganse was published with Springer in November 2017 (The book is in German)! You can download a test chapter HERE and see the index HERE. Order the ebook and soft cover version for example HERE.

  • “Biology of the Sauropod Dinosaurs. Understanding the Life of Giants (Life of the Past).” was published by Indiana University Press in 2011. Together with several colleagues, I wrote the chapter: Body Mass Estimation, Thermoregulation and Cardiovascular Physiology of Large Sauropods.biology-of-the-sauropod-dinosaurs

  • The medical dictionary “Pschyrembel – Klinisches W├Ârterbuch” is published by De Gruyter publishing. I took care of the entries in the fields of kardiovascular physiology and endocrine physiology since 2009.