This is the private website of Bergita Ganse, the professor for Innovative Implant Development (Fracture Healing) at Saarland University in Germany and visiting professor at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Physiologist. Her main fields of research are the musculoskeletal system in spaceflight, immobilization and ageing, as well as bone fractures and biomechanics.

Recent highlights:

Review paper published on articular cartilage in long-duration spaceflight in the journal Biomedicines [IF 6.081]. This is the first paper from the ESA project in Antarctica.

The journal Acta Biomaterialia [IF 8.947] has published a review paper on concepts and clinical aspects of active implants for the treatment of bone fractures. The group is working on a new generation of fracture implants that can shorten and lengthen, and that can be made stiffer or less stiff while in the body. The aim is to create implants that are remote controlled or even able to analyze data and act by themselves to trat fractures faster and better. The new review paper gives an overview of which mechanisms seem feasible and which stimuli such an implant should ideally deliver to improve healing.

New research project in Antarctica: ESA has selected a research project headed by Bergita Ganse to study skeletal muscle and joint cartilage physiology in over-winterers at Concordia Station in Antarctica. The collaborators are from Italy, the UK and Germany. We look forward to travelling there to install our equipment!

Contact: bergita.ganse@uks.eu

Find the website of her department at Saarland University HERE.